Following almost three decades of consistent growth, Image Industries relocated and expanded its business to their new 108,000 square foot facility in Carrollton, TX. This new facility is equipped with two automatic paint lines, each consisting of five stage pre-treatment washing systems, 100 foot long dry off ovens, three waterfall paint booths with filtered air makeup units on each line, infrared flash off ovens, and 120 foot long cure ovens. In total, Image Industries has nine large paint booths (including three batch booths) and three batch ovens. We also the ability to accommodate parts with the dimensions of 20 feet x 4 feet x 6 feet. All of the equipment is monitored in a centrally located & air conditioned control room which provides an array of process controls and feedback for consistently high quality. Image Industries has a trained and experienced workforce in an extremely clean, safe, and technologically advanced work environment. In addition to all the above, Image Industries provides complete silk screening and light mechanical assembly services to our customers. Below is a quick walk through and visual summary of our facilities . . .

Control Room:

     Continuous Conveyer Lines:

We invite you to come in and take a tour of our facility to get a closer look at what Image Industries can provide for you and your company.